Chandeliers with Dmx Animations

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a data protocol through which we can send signals over the cable.

It is frequently used in the management of lighting and music systems in places where stage lights are used, such as facades of buildings, theaters, bars.

Each LED in the products it is used in can be illuminated individually, in groups or all together at the desired time and term.

By using DMX, you can get all the colors in nature with RGB or RGBW leds.

The amount of different colors that can be obtained is calculated as 256x256x256, ie 16.777.216 pieces.

Avonni offers the opportunity to make all kinds of light and color animations in chandeliers by using DMX data protocol in indoor decorative products. It is possible to make any kind of light animation by using RGBW LEDs. We can design animation scenarios suitable for the project together and use them in chandeliers. The light and color effects to be used may vary depending on the elapsed time, time, user interaction or music rhythms. DMX512 control device is not needed to manage our chandeliers.

With a mobile application we have developed, you can manage chandeliers and lightings from your tablet or mobile phone.

Chandeliers, which are used only for lighting purposes, are in full harmony with the space and activity with this system and become an active part of the event.

Avonni offers eye-catching lighting solutions for night clubs, wedding halls, cafes and restaurants with DMX.

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