Avonni provides service to its customers with advanced technology, new designs, fresh ideas, and a dynamic crew.

In order to beautify the modern life and increase your living standards, Avonni began its lighting journey by manufacturing home chandeliers.

Since 1981, It continues to develop fascinating designs that enrich the living spaces.

With its project department, which was founded in 2010, Avonni develops special solutions to the large chandelier requirements of hotels, restaurants, ballrooms, wedding saloons, and sacred spaces.

Its success stems from its customer-focused approach and lighting solutions which are suitable for digital technology. As a result of this approach, it represents Turkey in the field of decorative lighting with dozens of projects which have been performed in several countries all around the globe.

With its smart lightings department, which was founded in 2019, it develops and produces smart lighting products appropriate to NLC (Network Lighting Controller) technology that also offers comfort, convenience, and energy conservation to its users.

From portable lambs to DMX lighting solutions, all smart lighting software is being developed at Avonni software department.

Avonni continues to contribute to the national economy with its vision of discovering and developing the lighting solutions and technologies which its customers require, and being a wanted partner in the international projects.


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Why Work With Us

Avonni works to provide the highest quality service to its customers with the responsibility of 39 years of sectoral experience.

  • No Surprises
    No budget surprises afterwards
  • Lean Manufacturing
    Waste and process repetitions are eliminated, costs reduced by lean production techniques
  • Scale Advantage
    Optimum prices achieved with high scale production capabilities
  • Advanced technology
    Error-free, fast and cost-effective production with advanced technology metal processing partners
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What Are We Doing?

Hotels and accommodation facilities
All necessary indoor lighting for lobbies, rooms, reception, lounge, restaurant, meeting and ballrooms
Cafe and Restaurants
Main hall chandeliers, kitchen and bar pendant lamps, decorative lighting for cafe sections
Large mosque chandeliers for the main parts of the mosque, Ottoman style lighting and oil lamps for the entrance sections
Lighting solutions for stairwell lighting, hall chandeliers, decorative wall lights, bedroom lighting, kitchens

Who We Serve?

Architectural Offices
Lighting consultancy and production support for projects carried out by architectural offices
Project Offices
Production support to project offices that are specialists in lighting projects
Construction companies
Lighting solution partnership with many construction companies
Lighting Companies
Production and consultancy support for lighting companies in projects that require expertise within the framework of production cooperation.
Karayolları, Avonni Lighting, 568/4. Sokak, Gaziosmanpaşa/İstanbul
+90 (212) 535 09 09
+90 (212) 535 19 09

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