What is the ideal mounting height for a wall light

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are not just a light source, but an indicator of the style of the space. Wall sconces come in a variety of styles, colors, textures and materials. It is important to choose a wall texture and color that will complement the colors and textures in a room. Wall sconces are used in places where general lighting is insufficient or you want to emphasize your style in your lighting. Using wall sconces makes the space look big when it is.

It is very important to know where to place the wall sconces and to choose the sconce size. Unfortunately, there is no simple formula for the correct height to hang the sconces! There are many factors that can change height placement. Different height needs may arise depending on the place where the wall sconce will be used. It is most appropriate to hang the people in the room in a way that they are not disturbed by the glow of the light bulb and to have the correct lighting according to the location of the room. In a place such as a living room or dining room, it is sufficient for the people sitting to stay above eye levels. Sconce heights can be increased in places that require people to stand or in very high and wide places. A simple and good rule of thumb when hanging a wall sconce in homes is that the middle part of the sconce is 160 cm above the ground, on average.

Bedroom sconces

  • It would be a suitable choice if the wall lamps to be used in bedrooms are dim.
  • For those who read in bed, sconces with reading lamp (LED) are a suitable solution.
  • The sconce height should be adjusted according to the person lying in bed, not the person standing.
  • If wall lamps with lampshades are used, soft bulbs should be used to avoid shadows on the lampshades.

Bathroom Sconces

Make sure that the light level is at a sufficient level the sconces to be used in bathrooms, especially around the mirror edges.Using sandy or white painted glass wall sconces in the bathroom wall sconces is a simple method to prevent glare.

In general, the bathrooms in homes are not very large, it is appropriate to use small sized wall lamps.

Power line for wall sconce

To hang a wall sconce in your home, while the power line is being drawn, cut a sconce template suitable for the size of your room and place it on the wall. Before purchasing the product, you can determine the appropriate position with the template and bring your power line to the right spot. By moving the cardboard template right-left and up-down, you can pinpoint the right location. You can use a flashlight to determine how the light illuminates. Make sure that people sitting in the space at the height you choose do not make direct eye contact with the light bulb. The top of the bulb should be above the eye level of an average person. Thus, the bulb in the sconce cannot be seen directly.

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