Lighting Recommendations for Small Homes

If you live in a big city like Istanbul, you may be living in a small apartment or 1 + 1 studio flats. The population growth rate increases the demand for housing and the increasing demand causes the widespread use of small-sized houses. These smaller residences are cheaper than larger ones, so they are better suited for newly married couples and individuals living alone. You can make the flats look bigger with the right furniture, placement and lighting.

Use multiple light sources

If your home is small, instead of using a single chandelier in your room, use multiple light sources such as a table lamp and sconce.

Place the lights so that there are no dark corners left. According to your light needs, you can turn on all of the lights or turn off some of them according to your needs. It would be more appropriate to use these multiple light sources at different heights in the room.

table lamps models

Choose minimal ones instead of large Chandeliers

You may love luxurious and flashy chandeliers. Unfortunately, you do not have a space for these chandeliers. Choose chandeliers with finer forms. Prevent the room from looking small by choosing small chandeliers without reducing their lighting capabilities. Choosing large chandeliers will make your small room seem more full and crowded.

Use in-cabinet and under-counter lighting

Dark corners are not only found at the intersections of walls. Dark corners are visible in cabinets, bookcases and under shelves. Therefore, it can use LED strips to illuminate the interior of a cabinet or countertops.

Use the backlights to appear extra deep

The backlights not only remove the darkness behind the furniture, but also give a sense of extra depth. Behind mirrors, televisions, headboards and furniture.

You can make your room look bigger by illuminating it.

Use vertical lights

An easy way to hide the smallness of the space from the eyes is to use the lights on a wall edge towards the ceiling. Use vertical lights by using a table lamp, floor lamp or wall sconces next to a wall. Lighting that hits the wall also makes the space appear larger than it is.

floor lamps models

Use natural light

No light can make your room feel bigger than the intense light from your windows. Do not block the path of natural light with thick curtains or other items. Natural light will make small rooms appear spacious by removing the shadow.

Use mirrors to reflect the light

Mirrors have been used for centuries to make the space look bigger. Using mirrors with light makes your room look much larger and more spacious. You can use mirrors on walls or cabinet doors to reflect lights from your chandelier, table lamps or wall lamps. Using the mirror in the opposite wall of your window helps show multiple windows in your room and give better light reflection.

Use light colors in wall and ceiling paints

Light colors, preferably white, reflect light at the highest level. For these reasons, choosing light colors from wall and ceiling paints will give the most appropriate result for lighting.

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